Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

The Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Canceling headphones is yet another option from the trusted Sony name. 

These headphones have a built in microphone that uses a specific wavelength to void out unwanted sounds. 

This allows you to hear your music clearly without having to blast up the volume. 

This is a nice feature for headphones to have and we have found that this feature on these headphones is about average in comparison to some other headphones out there.

These headphones come with a monitor feature that will let you hear what is going on around you. 

We find this to be a nice feature if you need to drift slightly away into your music but still be able to have a partial ear open to hear young children or other sounds around you with the press of a button. 

About 85% of ambient noise can be blocked while providing 12dB noise reduction at 200Hz.

These headphones use a single alkaline AAA battery and gives you up to 30 hours of enjoyment. 

You will also receive a premium case for convenient storage and ease when on the go.

Actual customer pros

“This is the most comfortable pair of cans I’ve ever tried. The overall fit is very comfortable – I was able to fall asleep on a 3 hour flight. There is absolutely no “suction” effect as I’ve experienced with another phones I’ve tried.”

“These are great headphones for noise cancellation. The earcups go all the way around your ears and they’re very comfortable, even with glasses on. The monitor button and the ability to use the headset without the noise cancellation is a bonus. They fold a little bit for easy storage, and the cable is removable, though a little long if you use it for iPod listening.”

“These are phenomenal headphones for the price, and I also owned its predecessor. The noise canceling effectiveness and sound quality are 80-90% of the comparable Bose quiet comforts for a fraction of the price. I docked one star because I occasionally get feedback. FYI, I managed to find them new for $100 on a different website. ”

Actual customer cons

“Had high hopes for these to help with long international flights. Not near as good as the Bose. I would pay the extra for Bose next time. ”

“The headphones are comfortable and the sound cancellation is okay (not great) but I’m pretty mad that they didn’t even last a year! I ordered these in Aug of 2011 and here it is May of 2012 and the right speaker has stopped working. These have been gently used and there is no excuse for this malfunction. All in all, they are overpriced for what equates to shotty manufacturing.”

“The connecting cord quit working and there are no replacements available rendering my headphones useless after only 3 months of use. Called Sony and they were unwilling to help me locate a replacement cord. ”

Our thought

We found that these headphones do their job pretty well in noisy areas such as trains, planes, college dorms, subways and pretty much anywhere. 

That makes these headphones a pretty good choice if you are looking for decent headphones at a decent price.

When we looked into actual customer reviews of this product, we found a mixture of positive and negative feedback given. 

As far as price goes for the Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Canceling Headphone, we come to the conclusion that these headphones are pretty comparable to some of the other brands we have reviewed. 

These are definitely not the best out there, but are also far from being the worst. 

Our final conclusion of these headphones come down to what price range you want to stick to.  For $200 and under, these do a good job of fitting the bill.