How To Use Weed Killer

We can use vinegar and dish washing soap is a great basic weed killer on it’s own. By adding salt, you can affect the soil and make it strenous to grow things in that place in future. So if you want to kill weeds where you want nothing to grow, go ahead and use the salt there. But if you want to plant again in that spot, either omit the salt, or use it prudently. This homemade weed spray is best used on a sunny and a warm day, and is most effective on too young weeds. Otherwise, here is a normal formula for making it in larger batches that works very effectively.

Recipe For Vinegar Weed Killer

One Gallon White Vinegar

One Tablespoon Liquid Dish washing Soap or Vegetable Oil

One Cup Salt (only if you don’t want to plant there again)

Using the salt has long been known as an effective way to kill the weed seeds walkways. But do you know that using salt and boiling water makes it a one shot deal. Remember the cautions mentioned above about using salt. Salt and boiling water would kill any type of plant, so that is why it makes a good solution for the driveway or walkways. Visit: best weed killer on the market

Other tip : Use a kettle for tea instead of the regular round pots will make boiling water poured on the weeds easier and safe , thanks to the spout on the tea kettle.Courteney from ‘The Creek Line House’ used just a salt alone in her sidewalks.

 Recipe  is as follows :

2Quarts Boiling Tap Water

Teaspoon- Tablespoon Salt  

Borax is another weed killer that can be used in lawns, but use it cautiously. Anything that is overused can cause huge damage to other plants. It is  Most commonly used for killing “Creeping Charlie” or “Ground Ivy”, the US Departments of Agriculture recommends this recipe to cover the 1000 square feet of lawns . A borax solution can also kill ants! 

Recepie for borax weed killer : 

1 Cup Powdered Borax

2 Gallons Water

If you want to stop the weed growth before it occurs , you can shop a pre-emergent herbicide named as “Preen”, or you can simply sprinkle the corn meal in that area to stop weed seeds germination. Keep in mind that pre-emergents are natural weed killers that do not kill weeds once they have started using , so this is the best used in early spring. (Note : If you decide to use the in store bought “Preen”, make sure you get one for vegetable gardens only if you want pure corn meal. There are other varieties including chemical weed killers.)

We all need for this process is just a CornMeal power.

That’s It!